Morning Self-Love Routine


1.   Wake up early 


This morning routine tip may seem like a punishment than a positive practice 

Not everyone is a morning person , but waking up early is a self care routine with many benefits 

First it gives you more time to actually be successful in implementing amorning routine 

Second it gives you time to ease in to your morning without feeling rushed by your priorities 

Third waking up early in the morning is a common habit among highly productive and successful people 

What better way to show you some self-love than wake up early every morning and not waste any time with your day 


2.   Positive Affirmations


A good morning routine should always involve you speaking some positive affirmations over your life .

I find it best to do this in the mirror to speak directly to myself and see my eyes 

you'll find this morning ritual of self love will make you feel empowered as well as want to want to feel positive feelings about where your day is headed .

A lot of people don't realise how powerful their words are over their Mental health and Self-esteem 

When your saying things like , " This will be a great day " or "I am enough , "I am worthy , "I can do anything " those thoughts become self full filling prophecies 

Take 5 minutes each day to do this

Say the with conviction so that they sink deep down in to your subconscious mind and see how it changes the rest of your day ! 


3.   Morning Meditation 


This is a powerful ritual and can make you feel really good and shake off any stress carried over from the light before ! 

Try meditating for at least 5 minutes before heading to work or stating your daily tasks 


4.   Dance to your favourite songs 


This Self-love tip is similar to tapping in to that inner child !

When you dance to your favourite song you get that beautiful burst of nostalgia, endorphins will kick in and before you know it your day just got a whole lot better .

This self-love tip can be done anywhere anytime, the more fun we make our day the happier life becomes ! 

So tap in to those happy memories of music and dancing to get through any rough patches today 


5.   Practice Gratitude 


Gratitude gives our emotions room to shift from negative thoughts of anger and self pity to feelings of joy and hopefulness by taking note of the positive things in our lives !

Gratitude is an incredible tool because it enables us to find happiness ven when things aren't perfect or going our way ,

Its a minor action that leads to significant outcomes !

It only takes 5 minutes of counting things in your life that make you happy and grateful for .

Some simple examples of things you could be grateful for are : 

. Relationships / people you have in your life 

. That you are healthy 

. You hot Tea/Coffee in the morning

. Your surroundings 

When you stop and create space within your day to be thankful for what you have  rather than resentful for what you don't have , your whole life changes in a very positive way ! . 


6.    Walk In Nature 


Walking in nature is an excellent addition to your morning routine 

Being close to the trees , rivers , wildlife is a sure way to feel rejuvenated and inspired 

The fresh air alone can be enough , even when attending a park nearby where you could take a stroll with your children or dog . 

We need more time outdoors as humans and incorporating this in to or lives will make us happier on the inside too !

It helps with Mental well-being as it helps improve moods , reduces blood pressure, increases self-esteem and promotes creativity 

Allowing Yourself to get lost a little bit is a great way to break out of the monotony of your daily routine and give yourself a break