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Aventurine Rose Quartz & Lavender Bracelet

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Elevate your energy and embrace self-love with our stunning rose quartz, lavender, and aventurine power beads bracelet. Crafted with the powerful energies of these stones, this bracelet is designed to promote love, healing, and prosperity in your life. Rose quartz, known as the stone of unconditional love, will help you cultivate self-love and compassion, while aventurine, the "Stone of Opportunity," will attract luck and abundance into your life. lavender quartz crystal positively impacts your blood and oxygen circulation, helps in detoxification, heals headaches, and aids the body's organs to function at their best. It is one of the healing crystals that help with emotional pains while bringing calmness and balance.Wear this beautiful bracelet as a daily reminder to love yourself and attract positivity into your life.