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Chakra Stones set

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Begin your journey to healing today with this set of powerful Chakra Stones! Crafted with 7 unique spiritual energies, this healing set is sure to unblock, clear, and activate your 7 Chakras. Enhance your wellbeing and promote a brighter environment with the magical energy of these healing stones.

Each set contains the following : 

Organza pouch 

Quartz Crystal -  Overall balance of the chakra 

Amethyst  -  it is concerned with understanding , knowledge , and mental organizing 

Sodalite -   communication , personal expression , and the flow of information 

Green Quartz -  deals with relationships and personal development 

Citrine  -  helps give self confidence and personal power 

Agate  -  its functions are creativity , feelings and sexual drive 

Hematite  -  it gives stability , energy , distribution and physical survival 

These crystals can be placed on your body following the guide lines or by using your intuition if it directs you otherwise , for example maybe your intuition guides you to use amethyst on your heart chakra and green quartz on your third eye , there are no right or wrong ways to use the chakra crystals and chances are if you feel guided to use certain crystal on a certain point it is most likely to be the most beneficial point to place it .

Dont forget to regularly charge and cleanse your crystals ,

Cleansing can be as simple as running your crystal under the cold tap while visualising the negativity being washed away , And at night on your windowsill in the moonlight 

( full moon is particularly effective ) will give your crystals an energy boost . Sunlight works just as well but some may fade