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Self love Spell Jar

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Are you seeking and inviting more love, kindness and compassion into your life? Let this self love spell jar help you on your way, with dried flowers, herbs, and a rose Quartz crystal that will guide you on the path to emotional healing and self-love.

Self love spell jars have a set intention for self love and happiness and is sealed with wax to hold the intention inside . 

A spell jar consists of  dried flowers ,herbs  and crystals that all promote healing energy  

* Pink Himalayan salt - Super empowering and cleansing also known for its purifying nature 

* Lavender - Calming and great for heightening awareness 

* Rose petals - Self love and attracting things to you 

* Rose Quartz - The universal love stone , this crystal opens the heart chakra and creates the feelings of peace  

The spell jar is a great one for moments when we need to be a little kinder to ourselves and practise more self love , place on  your bedside on your  altar or carry in your purse 

Please note that the magick only remains if the jar stays sealed - please do not open it or consume the contents !